Superior Transportation Hub

Accessibility to travel options makes life more enjoyable. Geneva’s prime location is complemented by a strong network of roads and public transportation, making the community accessible for years to come. The great potential the Geneva development offers is a priority for transportation providers.

Three I-15 interchanges directly connect to the Geneva property and with a recently expanded I-15 travel times have improved significantly. Two other major roadways, Geneva Road and the future Vineyard Connector will provide five lanes of travel through the center of the development and along the eastern border of the site. Public transportation is provided by both commuter rail and bus, with a commuter rail stop planned in 2015 and options for a future light rail line. These travel options provide convenient access to outdoor recreation, arts and entertainment venues and the Salt Lake International Airport and Provo Municipal Airports.

With so many different ways to access to the Geneva development, commuters and residents will find it an easy and enjoyable place to live, work, learn and play.

Accessible options:

  • Direct access to I-15 via three freeway interchanges at 1600 N, 800 N and Orem Center Street
  • FrontRunner commuter rail
  • Bus transit The future Vineyard Connector (a five-lane expressway that will pass through the center of the property)
  • Geneva Road (a five-lane major state road running alongside the eastern border of the property)
  • Salt Lake International Airport within 45 minutes of the property
  • Provo Municipal Airport approximately 13 miles from the site
  • Future options for light rail linking Utah County to the Salt Lake Valley
The central location of Geneva and ease of access to the site open the land up to becoming a predominant center to live, work, learn and play within Utah.
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