Maverik, Inc. Opens Newest Store @Geneva, A Master-Planned Community in Vineyard, Utah on November 2, 2015

The first retail store operation opened it’s doors in a grand opening @Geneva on November 2, 2015. Amid ribbon-cutting ceremonies and special offers to customers, the newest Maverik store was immediately filled with customers and off to a great start.

Maverik Gas Station at Vineyard Utah - Grand Opening Geneva

According to Stewart Park, project manager @Geneva, a division of Anderson Development,

“This is a great first retail store venture by Maverik at our new Vineyard project. We are delighted with the caliber of customers who are getting ready to open new outlets and serve the needs of over 2,000 apartments and townhomes that are currently in the process of being constructed and occupied @Geneva. We welcome Maverik with open arms as I’m sure the residents of Vineyard do as well.”

Additional Press Release and Information – Maverik Vineyard – Geneva

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Maverik, Inc. opens store in Vineyard – Herald Extra