Geneva presents itself as one of the greatest opportunities for industrial developers in the state of Utah. Both infrastructure and location provide outstanding potential in helping to build the largest central business hub of Utah County.

The site is served by commuter and freight rail, and by I-15, all of which will provide for an efficient flow of products and materials in and out of Geneva. Because these transportation corridors provide tremendous access, industrial businesses can tap into a strong work force.

Geneva will become the intermodal hub of Utah County through the use of UTA’s FrontRunner commuter rail line and a future Trax line. Footings for a new FrontRunner stop have been completed and the Geneva stop is scheduled to be open and operational in the next few years.

The location is easy to get to with three entrance/exit locations that connect directly to Interstate-15.

Geneva is an infill site with all utilities available. Those utilities include natural gas, sewer, water, electricity, and telecommunications connections.

These benefits and more provide industrial developers with immense financial advantages that will pave the way for the site to become the newest and best central hub for development and growth in the Utah region.
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