Location and population provide ideal opportunities for retailers. Combined with easy I-15 access and planned interior roads and highways, Geneva is the ideal location.



A master planned community where people can live, work, learn and play all located in the heart of
Utah County



Geneva is one of the best opportunities for developers in the state. Infrastructure and location provide great potential to develop a major business hub in Utah County.



Location, access, planning and workforce demand make Geneva the ideal location for any office needs.


Improved and Repurposed to Build Your Best Ideas

The redevelopment of Geneva will change the way you live, work and shop in Utah Valley. This master planned community, complete with residential, retail, office, industrial and lakefront is ideally located for great living. With convenient access to I-15, UTA Frontrunner, and trails, you are just minutes away from outdoor recreation, local universities, sporting events, arts and so much more.

For decades, the Geneva Steel mill was a major component of Utah County’s economy. Today, 1,700 acres of the site is being redeveloped providing tremendous building, living and working opportunities:

Construction is underway and development sites are going fast. Contact us for your next innovative development solutions.

Geneva ushers in exciting new possibilities.