Environmentally Clean Property

The former Geneva Streel Mill is transforming into a buildable and livable community that offers numerous development opportunities.

Geneva is ready for a variety of development types. Extensive measures have been taken and reclamation work continues in an effort to ensure the entire Geneva property meets or exceeds the development standards of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

What this means:

  • The tremendous amount of remediation work has transformed Geneva from an unused, environmentally impacted piece of land into an environmentally clean, prime building location for all types of development.
  • While some of the land is still undergoing remediation, the majority of the land is ready to be converted into commercial, industrial and residential developments.
  • Geneva will restore vitality and purpose to land that would otherwise go unused by the local community.

A sizable portion of the land has already been sold for development. This land is an ideal location for individuals, families, and businesses to establish themselves.

Nearly two-thirds of the 1,700 acres have been cleaned and prepared for development. By repurposing the old Geneva Steel Mill property, this prime location will transform into the perfect setting for Utah Valley’s new urban center.
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