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For the last half of the twentieth century, Geneva Steel Mill was the vibrant economic engine of Utah County. Having outlived its useful life, the plant closed shortly after the twenty-first century was ushered in.

The closure of the steel mill created a rare opportunity that only presents itself once in a generation. Its strategic location is surrounded by over a half million people in Utah’s fastest-growing metropolitan area, which is one of the reasons the site has such great potential.

In the past this area has been a thriving location for the steel industry. It now presents itself as Utah County’s most sought after master-planned community.

Wonderful opportunities, which were not envisioned in the past, now present themselves to those who wish to be a part of the future of Geneva.

We invite you to take advantage of the tremendous development opportunities resulting from the creation of this multi-use master-planned community.

Why do Business in Utah?

Utah is one of the fastest growing, most financially stable states in the nation and has attracted attention for its economic standing. @Geneva invites you to take part in developing the most vibrant business climate in the country. Are you ready?

Here’s how we rank:

  • Utah #1 “Best State for Business and Careers” (Forbes Magazine)
  • Utah #1 for “Expected Economic Recovery” and #1 for “Economic Outlook” (ALEC)
  • Utah #1 “Best Business Climate” (Business Facilities)
  • Utah #1 “Most Fiscally Fit State” (Forbes Magazine)
  • Utah #1 “Economic Dynamism” (Kauffman Foundation)
  • Utah #1 “Best Managed State” (Governing Magazine)
  • Utah #1 Most Competitive State for Business” (Beacon Hill Institute)
  • Utah #2 Top Pro-Business State (Pollina Corporate)
  • Utah #5 for Venture Capital (Kauffman Foundation)
  • “Best Managed State in the Nation” (Pew Center)

Utah’s labor force is characterized by high employment, low average wages and workers who are younger and more educated than the national average. That is why companies continue to short-list the state of Utah when looking to relocate or expand.

Five national parks and 14 world class ski resorts draw millions of visitors to Utah each year, and that is just part of the recreation scene that makes Utah one of the best places to live as well as do business.

Principals of Anderson Geneva Development Inc. recognize that this singular site is preserved in the perfect location and poised to be transformed into the thriving new business, residential, educational, cultural and recreational epicenter of the Provo-Orem metropolitan area.
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