Because of its location and population, Geneva provides ideal opportunities for retail development. Its location makes it easily accessible to the entire of Utah Valley through existing state roads, the Vineyard Connector and I-15 access.

  • Immediate access to three I-15 interchanges.
  • Traffic counts of more than 150,000 cars daily on I-15.
  • Two existing state roads lead directly to the Geneva site.
  • An additional state road, the Vineyard Connector, will run directly through the middle of the Geneva site.
  • Provo-Orem has an estimated population of more than 550,000 people.
  • The Geneva surrounding area experienced a growth rate of 40 percent between 2000 and 2010.
  • The growing population characterized by a young median age, high level of education and large family size, is ideal for retail development.
The increasing population characterizes it as a prime location for retail development. The combination of these factors enables Geneva to provide the most profitable opportunities for retail development.


Location, access, planning and workforce demand make Geneva the ideal location for any office needs.

With easy transportation access and the increasing population in Utah Valley, Geneva is an excellent location for any business/business park in Utah Valley. Geneva has been master planned in the most effective way in order to make it easily accessible and a prime location for office development.



The population surrounding the Geneva site is characterized by a young median age, high level of education and large family size. The benefits this population brings to businesses are substantial, providing an abundance of highly educated, young individuals who are motivated to work and eager to succeed. More than 90 percent of Utah’s citizens have at least a high school degree and at least 55 percent have attended at least some college.


With breathtaking lake and mountain views and convenient access to shopping, work, and recreation, Geneva is the prime location to build and live in Utah Valley.


Here’s how:

  • The convenience of transportation on the site makes it an appealing option for families looking for a location in Utah County where they can live, work, shop, learn and enjoy entertainment and recreation.
  • Transportation at Geneva is made simple with multiple means of travel operating close to the community.
  • Great accessibility to the site with three freeway interchanges along I-15, commuter rail, and bus transit.
  • The Geneva site is within Vineyard town limits, which simplifies gaining approval of subdivisions.
  • Close proximity to the lake, shopping, jobs and good educational opportunities.
  • Options for single-family and multi-family developments.
Geneva will be the new urban center of Utah Valley. With this in mind, we encourage you to take this opportunity to be a part of shaping Geneva into the best new place to live, work, learn, and play in Utah Valley.


Quick, easy access to various transportation options are key to industry. At Geneva you have one of the best opportunities for development in the state. With convenient access to rail, three direct connections to and from Interstate 15 that are less than a minute away, and infrastructure in place, provide you great potential to develop a major business hub in Utah County.

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